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Luxury Accommodation in Uluwatu Bali

accommodation in uluwatu

Our Luxury accommodation stay at The Ungasan Uluwatu Resort Bali

Whenever someone mentions Uluwatu, what comes to mind are soaring cliff tops overlooking pristine white sands, unimpeded views of the sparkling ocean and amazing surf. For us, Uluwatu is the perfect location for an unforgettable family getaway and just recently, my family and I were lucky enough to be able to spend the night at The Ungasan, in a majestic villa named Chintamani Residence.

in a majestic villa named Chintamani Residence.

A private complex comprising 7 luxury villas, each villa at The Ungasan is uniquely different; built, designed and decorated individually each with its own charms and appeal. All villas come with so much acreage; we’re talking sprawling gardens and gorgeous views, some with infinity pools overlooking the cliffs and some with private plunge pools for every room and endlessly open spaces blending the indoors with the outdoors.

5 of the villas here are available for private bookings while the other 2, which are called Residences, has rooms which are rented out separately. All bedrooms in Chintamani are secluded so we enjoyed the utmost privacy. My little daughter had so much fun in our own private plunge pool. The villa even came with its own private butler! We visited Sundays Beach Club which is owned by The Ungasan for a fun and extravagant castaway experience and enjoyed all the delicious food and drinks at both Sundays and The Ungasan Kitchen.

it is definitely luxury according to you

If you’re looking for a luxury villa for a family holiday here in Uluwatu, Bali, I believe that The Ungasan is the best option. Just like its tagline, it is definitely luxury according to you, meaning that each villa is so unique in its designs, layout and features, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your style and taste. Of course, service and facilities are second to none.

Book a private villa all to yourself or stay in one of the two Residences – couples and those on honeymoon would be so lucky because you’d get the entire place to yourself if the other rooms aren’t booked out during your stay, so it will be all yours to enjoy! Better than crowding yourself out in a resort hotel with a thousand other guests, yes? – Agung Juliarta


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