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To Establish Relationship, Puri Asia Holds Gathering

MANGUPURA – PT. Puri Asia Indonesia, better known as Puri Asia (www.puriasia.com), a famous villa rental company, held a gathering on Wednesday (Sep, 12) at Baliana Villas Umalas, Kerobokan. In addition to establishing friendships with villa owners and related stakeholders, the event was also held to raise spirits amidst unstable economic conditions.

Agung Jularta, CEO and Founder of Puri Asia, explained that the gathering was held to bring relevant stakeholder together to encourage enthusiasm for marketing. “ September is also low season, so Puri Asia Gathered people together to keep their spirits high” he said.  These yearly event is itself a form of marketing to let people know that Puri Asia is alive and well. “ With the current economic conditions, many travel agencies are having a hard time, but Puri Asia is going strong”, he said reassuringly.
The gathering on Wednesday included 75 companies (35 villa management companies and 25 villa rental companies along with wedding and other event organizers and other stakeholder. “One villa management companies can manage anywhere from 20 – 100 villas”, he said.

Juliarta added that he hopes that this event will continue growing in the coming years with more and more sponsors taking part. This year CV ULTIMA BRILLIANT SARANA who provides construction services was one of the main sponsors of this event aimed at expanding Puri Asia’s client base and relations.
Puri Asia markets approximately 500 villas currently, mostly in Bali but also in Lombok, Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui), Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Source : Bali Post International Newsletter


Puri asia gathering Puri Asia gathering


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