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Galungan Ceremony

Some may argue that Galungan is the merriest Balinese Hindu’s festival. Well, it might be true since this celebrated once every 6 months’ day is indeed like a festival. You may come and experience it by yourself.

Galungan is celebrated every Wednesday on Wuku Dunggulan as glorious day of Dharma or righteousness after win against Adharma or evilness. There are so many preparations being held before Galungan. One day before Galungan or we called it ‘Penampahan’ in Bali. Locals in their respective communities or Banjar slaughter Pig or chicken for offering and consumption. This activities symbolize ‘an act to destroy laziness’ as one aspect of Adharma. Then, the pork meat is distributed among members of the community to be used for offering and consumption in the next day, on Galungan.

On D-day, locals go to temple for the ceremony and praying. In this day, we expressed our gratitude to Almighty God, because of his blessing, the land is enriched with fertile soil, the sea is full with resources and of course, the people live in peace. No wonder, this day is celebrated joyfully because in ancient time, when a demon king named Mayadenawa ruled Bali, he referred himself as the only God. He banned any festival that was not aimed for him and made his people suffered into misery for a very long time. Until one day, The God defeated Mayadenawa. This moment then become the first Galungan that ever celebrated. Throughout the day during Galungan we could hear orchestra of traditional instruments that accompany ceremony’ procession at the temple, dances and beautiful Kekawin.Galungan Ceremony

Next day, after Galungan, it is ‘Manis’ Galungan. Where locals spend their time visiting relatives or going for Families’ vacation; either to temple for spiritual purposes (tirtayatra), beach or mountain. In this day, the people apologized each other for mistakes they ever made consciously or unconsciously. Thus, in future, they could continue their activities without hold any grudge in their hearts.

If you are a cultural ambiance seeker or want to experience Bali in a different perspective. Make sure to add ‘stay in Bali on Galungan Day’ as your bucket list wish.


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