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Villa Rental Business Changes the Fate of a Balinese Youth

APPARENTLY the villa rental business is able to change one’s fate. Moreover, Indonesia is chasing foreign exchanges from tourism surel the villa rental business is very promising. The profits can even reach tens of millions per month.

CEO and Founder PT. Puri Asia Indonesia, Anak Agung Alit Juliarta, 28, said that to run the business in this sector, people must master the market and technology. In addition, they must also have insight about and th tourism, not only in the country but also overseas. Thus, consumers can get the best services from the villa rental.  Only few Balinese can survive in the villa rental business because most of the competitors are foreigners. Not many people know about his story. This young layman coming from a disadvantaged family in Klungkung has become a successful entrepreneur in the villa rental services.

Puri Asia is one of the famous villa rental companies owned by him, a Balinese native. Puri Asia, his company, offers selected luxury tropical villas in some of the most exotic places in Asia.  Today, Puri Asia features more than 500 luxury villas in Bali, Lombok, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Maldives and has a branch office in Jakarta. The villas for rent are not just ordinary villas. A number of world’s artists have also used the services of Puri Asia,” said Agung Juliarta on Thursday (Jul. 26).

The villas chosen to be displayed in the portofolio of Puri Asia belong to premium-class villas and have unrivaled views such as beachfront or cliff top and others. Before displaying the villas, he must inspect and ensure that the services and amenities are complete and the best. “This also makes me interested to get involved in this business because I can try in person the luxury villas while spending holidays,” said this native to Klungkung. He is committed to finding the right luxury villas for his clients. Moreover, this all-fast era makes people have no time to browse the villas being appropriate for a holiday living. Therefore, he understands every desire and expectation of each client wishing to find the villas dreamed of. It does not need to get busy searching for villa in one place. Simply by accessing www.puriasia.com, the villas longed for will immediately appear. By all means, the price will comply with the criteria specified by client.


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